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I build digital businesses in the travel-tech industry, am an avid planespotter & travel expert and love to share knowledge (on stage & in the studio)

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What will this winter bring the European airlines? Part 1: European Low Cost

With low oil prices in the past years, we have seen many airlines thrive and grow. Good for the travel industry but is it sustainable? Considering fuel prices makeup between 20 and 35% of the total cost structure of an airline, any increase in fuel prices will have a big impact on their operations. In...
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About Ingmar

Ingmar is a Travel & Digital Marketing entrepreneur & expert from the Netherlands. He has been active in the travel industry since 2009 and has founded various companies in this field.

He currently works on the development of various travel tech platforms and supports businesses in the travel/aviation/digital marketing industry as a consultant.

Speaker & Expert
Ingmar is regularly invited as an expert at TV & Radio shows & media to share his opinions, thoughts & expert views on travel/aviation/digital marketing related matters.

Furthermore, Ingmar speaks at your conference and is available to talk about (young) entrepreneurship, digital marketing & travel.

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Phone: +31 6 10368945

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Premium economy is on the rise…

Earlier I wrote about the introduction of new, extremely luxurious and first class resembling Business Class cabins on plenty of airlines. I foresaw the end of First Class and the introduction of economy+ like cabins that would take over the role of the Business Class cabins. After visiting the WTM it became obvious that the...
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Tunisia is back in business! Safety matters!

Remember Tunisia? That North-African country blessed with wide sandy beaches, luxury resorts, a mild climate and a flying time from the majority of Europe within 3 hours? A perfect destination and get away until political unrest and civil disorder brought down the public image of the destination. It was topped off with a terrorist attack in...
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Why advertisers, networks and publishers should have a close relationship

Within affiliation marketing, there are usually three stakeholders; advertiser, network and publisher. I often hear stories about advertisers that have little to no time to invest in their relationship with the publisher while I feel this is one of the most underrated and important factors in this field of marketing. In this article, I explain...
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