About Ingmar Bruinsma

Ingmar Bruinsma (Leeuwarden, 27 February 1991) is a travel tech entrepreneur and consultant with an avid love for the aviation industry. He has been active as entrepreneur & consultant since 2009 and takes great pleasure in developing and building new travel concepts. He’s an authority and expert in the field of travel, aviation and digital marketing.

It started in 2010 with founding VakantieVragen.nl, a shortlived concept. In 2012, things got bigger. Ingmar was one of the founders of TicketSpy, the Netherlands first and still biggest travel deal platform. Scaling up the platform to over a market penetration of more than 25% of the Netherlands; TicketSpy was a real disruptor and respected partner in the Dutch Travel industry. Ingmar left the company in March 2017 to focus on new projects.

BMT Ventures is founded in 2016 and is the company overseeing the development of various projects & companies in the field of travel & e-commerce. Platforms Ingmar is working on are FlightMeister.travel, TravelClown.nl, EgypteDeals.nl & various other niche websites.

Ingmar further provides companies with advice in a role as a consultant with a focus on travel, aviation, e-commerce & digital marketing. Clients include Global Savings Group, Imbull, The Schiphol Group, Touringo.nl and IPLC-Europe.

About Ingmar

Ingmar is a Travel & Digital Marketing entrepreneur & expert from the Netherlands. He has been active in the travel industry since 2009 and has founded various companies in this field.

He currently works on the development of various travel tech platforms and supports businesses in the travel/aviation/digital marketing industry as a consultant.

Speaker & Expert
Ingmar is regularly invited as an expert at TV & Radio shows & media to share his opinions, thoughts & expert views on travel/aviation/digital marketing related matters.

Furthermore, Ingmar speaks at your conference and is available to talk about (young) entrepreneurship, digital marketing & travel.

Contact information:
E-mail: info@ingmarbruinsma.nl
Phone: +31 6 10368945

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