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In the past 9 years I spent an awful lot of time setting up my own businesses. Often fuelled by dreams to bring impact and change to the industries I love so much. The outcome is a list of awesome and great projects that I am proud of.

I participate in the projects below with my investment company BMT Ventures


A Dutch focussed curated deal platform. On a daily basis, Jeftino shares the best deals & sales with the users in the field of electronics, fashion & lifestyle. Using smart AI technology, Jeftino is able to provide its users with personalised offers to ensure a seamless and optimal online money saving experience.
Date foundedJuly 2017

TravelClown Group

TravelClown is a typical niche content platform focussing on specific destinations and providing its users with deals & inspiration. The focus lies on boosting tourism to partner destinations using attractive deals and creating unique content adapted to the needs of the target audience.

CompanyTravelClown Group
Date foundedJanuari 2019



HelloTailor aimed at providing students & young professionals with high quality tailor made outfits; shirts, suits & ties. Using student tailors for measurements & with an award winning tailor partner in Thailand we were able to provide top notch service for attractive prices.

RoleCo-Founder & CEO
Date foundedJune 2015


Co-Founder of TicketSpy; Netherlands first travel deal disruptor. With a market penetration of over 25%, I can conclude TicketSpy is a very very successful platform. 

Exit in 2016

RoleCo-Founder & COO
Date foundedSeptember 2012