What will this winter bring the European airlines? Part 1: European Low Cost

With low oil prices in the past years, we have seen many airlines thrive and grow. Good for the travel industry but is it sustainable? Considering fuel prices makeup between 20 and 35% of the total cost structure of an airline, any increase in fuel prices will have a big impact on their operations. In […]

Ancillary revenues; smart or stupid?

Ancillary revenues are becoming more and more a standard in aviation and have grown over the last years with even non-low-cost airlines introducing them. According to service provider Amadeus; almost 20% of the total revenue of airlines is now made up of them. What is this practice, what is it doing to the monetisation models […]

Ryanair; where flying is affordable but crossing the moral line…

Ultra-low-cost airline Ryanair made the news in the past week with a huge amount of cancelled flights due to strikes. Its a known secret that Ryanair is not taking too much care of their employees, partners and industry stakeholders but does the airline care? And will it get hurt by the negative attention it receives […]