Consultancy services

Combine the best of both worlds. Make use of endless, never-ending creativity, the outsider that your organisation needs, with a proven track record in the marketing, business development and travel industry to full-fill your objectives! 

I have a broad field of expertise. See below how I can help your organisation.

Fields of expertise

Online Marketing


Broad and extensive experience (10 years) in the field of Online marketing. Strong focus on data & expert-driven experiments but always curious to find out new ways to generate growth and positive ROI.

  • Social Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)
    • New social developments: Algorithmic advertising
    • Chat applications (Manychat)
  • E-mail marketing
    • Lead generation
    • Conversion optimisation
    • Marketing automation
  • SEO
    • Set-up & technical needs
    • Website analysis’, keywords
    • Content production & controlling
    • Link profiling
    • Project based teaching and supporting SEO teams
  • Affiliate & performance based marketing
    • Publisher & advertiser side consultancy
    • Setting up new affiliate programs

Product development


As an entrepreneur, I keep coming up with new concepts and products and I very much enjoy adding value to the development of new products and/or services. 

  • Product development
    • Brainstorming, sparring, customer insights
    • Market research & insights
    • User experience & expectations
  • Brand development
    • Branding & identity

Business development


Years of entrepreneurial experience which makes me more than just an hourly rate. I connect with clients and their businesses and support them in their mission to grow and develop.  I provide businesses with the right tools, network and steps to grow and/or expand their business.

Specialism: As an entrepreneur, I’ve experienced all aspects of business development.

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How I do it

I own it

I own my projects like its my baby and give it 100% love & dedication. You won’t meet anyone thats more involved and connected to projects than me.

I can teach your team

I happily share my knowledge and experiences with your team to ensure the overall skill grows, benefiting your organisation’s value.

I think further

Challenges can be solved in 1000’s of different ways. I look outside of the regular scope and help you achieve the amazing

I go fast

I can go fast. Once I start running I only stop when things are where I want them to be. 

Business Matching

I am objective and come up with ideas that work. Very well suited for business & product development and expanding to other countries. 

I have the network

I have a broad and extensive network in the various industries I operate in.

Companies that have benefited from my consultancy services in the past

This is what partners say about me


  • I’ve known Ingmar professionally for a number of years. Ingmar is a very smart & energetic guy. He has loads of experience and insights in the travel market. Also, he is an entertaining speaker with a wide range of interests. Not only can he share his broad vision about (online) travel marketing, he can also tell you which airplane if flying overhead by the sound of it’s engines 🙂

    Joost van Vught
    Publisher Online Media - CEO V2C2